Messaging app flaim launches in Nigeria

  • Game-changing messaging app, flaim generates over 100K downloads in first week, becoming one of the fastest growing apps in Nigeria

  • flaim welcomes users to be part of a new community that rewards them for their social engagement

  • The most secure social app on the market, flaim guarantees user privacy will always be protected, without fear of third-party interference

Messaging app flaim has launched in Nigeria to change the way people communicate. Designed as a new messaging solution to replace the outdated and unsecure apps on the market, flaim puts the power back in the hands of users.

Generating over 100K downloads in its first week, and launching with the the four leading carriers in Nigeria, flaim is set to become one of the fastest growing apps in the country. It demonstrates the power of community through its revolutionary programme, which provides users with real-life rewards such as data, airtime, phones and tablets, for sharing content with their communities.

flaim users will have complete power over what they share, when they share it and who with, so whether it’s sending messages to friends or family, making international or domestic calls, or simply just sharing content with a fellow user, they can do so without worrying about privacy. Users can also “burn” or delete messages instantly, ensuring that nothing is ever sent in error and private communications can never be discovered on a handset by a third party.

The most secure social app on the market and available to download for free on Android and iOS, flaim’s launch in Nigeria follows an initial pilot launch in Jordan and is based upon an entirely different way of thinking about social media. flaim uses enterprise level encryption created by its parent company EQUIIS Technologies – a global leader in secure communications – as a recognition of the fact that consumers need and deserve the same level of privacy, security and data protection as large companies.

Derek Roga, CEO at flaim, said: “Consumers have grown far more savvy in recent years, particularly in the wake of events such as the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and other security breaches. Users understand the value of their data, and are no longer accepting it being compromised. They’re making smarter decisions when it comes their personal digital hygiene and looking towards apps like flaim which assures 100 percent encrypted security every time they use our platform.

“We believe in rewarding our users for interactions with their community, rather than stealing data from them. That’s why we’re launching in Nigeria with an exciting programme – all you have to do is download the app and go through the simple two-stage sign up process, which will invite you to share with your friends to receive a host of rewards. It’s as simple as that. We think that’s pretty cool, and so do the 100K people who have signed up this week.”