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Updated: Sep 24, 2018

EQUIIS introduces transformative secure collaboration experiences for groups as we blend peer-to-peer, team messaging, meetings, collaboration, secure content and encrypted phone calls in the cloud. Open APIs are designed to enable unlimited options for what comes next.

Equiis Technologies Switzerland AG, a leader in secure communications solutions for the enterprise and the Internet of Things today announced the launch of its Secure Enterprise Collaboration™– One Platform (SEC-One). SEC-One™ has been designed from the ground up for enterprises whose business requires the confidence of private and secure collaboration spaces, from any computing platform, anywhere. SEC-One™ is a brand-new offering delivering and integrating the types of communication tools people use at work the most; encrypted peer to peer messaging, group messaging, conference calling, shared real-time meeting spaces, secure file storage and transfer along with encrypted voice and group calling—delivered via a flexible public cloud, private cloud or fully on premise solution, on an end to end encryption basis.


  • Accountability: Complete, centralized control over which communications are archived for accountability and regulatory compliance.

  • Secure Collaboration: Conference calling and group messaging allow the enterprise team to collaborate on confidential matters securely.

  • Secure File Transfer: Access confidential legal, intellectual property (IP) or mission critical related documents on the move.

  • Reporting & Analytics: Ability to monitor communication usage including individual data.

  • Centralized Management: Ability to provision and de-provision virtually instantaneously, from anywhere in the world.

  • Closed Contact Universe: Authorized contacts are part of a closed group within the Equiis applications and aren’t linked to the device’s personal contacts.

SEC-One™ is scheduled for commercial availability in Q2 2017 with closed trials underway now. Equiis works with select Network Operators, SI partners and directly with enterprise customers to adapt and deploy the SEC-One™ solution. Additional channel development efforts are underway.

The Equiis team is passionate about bringing secure enterprise solutions to market that are simple, elegant and intuitive to use, while providing the robust security the modern threat environment demands from responsible enterprises. SEC-One™ lets us deliver amazing user experiences to companies of all sizes; and, we’re just getting started.

Derek Roga, CEO at EQUIIS


EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG was founded by a group of mobile and encryption entrepreneurs and pioneers with a shared history working with some of the world’s largest enterprises and telecommunication operators. We share a vision of bringing to market a cohesive, purpose built end to end secure enterprise communications platform with proven encryption technologies. EQUIIS is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, for more information visit www.equiis.com.

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