EQUIIS CEO Derek Roga featured in Forbes responding to the Cambridge Analytica scandal one year on

Derek Roga, CEO of secure mobile communication platform EQUIIS Technologies, argues that Facebook will never be known as a champion of data privacy. "Without continuing to subtract data from its users" Roga says "Facebook would need to change its entire business model which may result in a decline in financial results - a sacrifice I doubt the company will want to make." Certainly the recently revealed case of third-party apps feeding personal data back to Facebook even if, in some cases, the user wasn't logged in or didn't have a Facebook account, provides food for thought. It turns out that Roga wasn't all that surprised when this story broke. "Big players like Facebook have built their ad businesses on audience and user data" he explains, continuing "the company proposed a 'clear history tool' in an effort to win user trust again and create transparency, but the delays to this product suggests Facebook still sees value in holding onto personal data."

Roga's assertion is bolstered by the fact that earlier this week the New York Times reported how federal prosecutors are "conducting a criminal investigation into data deals Facebook struck with some of the world's largest technology companies."

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