Features: Built on Security & Control


Total privacy. complete control.

All texts, calls and data are

end-to-end encrypted.

The EQUIIS Secure Platform (ESP) is the first enterprise-class solution for highly secure communications, with robust central control and optional auditing features to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

ESP is an easy to use solution which offers a comprehensive set of end-to-end encrypted features;

Text messages

VOIP calls

Conference calls

File transfer

We understand that in today’s global business environment, security is paramount. This is why the EQUIIS Enterprise Platform is built with the technology to keep all of your communications private and compliant with your regulatory environment. 

Encrypted conversations

We pride ourselves on best in class voice conferencing allowing up to 15 participants simultaneously.

Closed Contacts

Authorised contacts are part of a closed group within the EQUIIS app and are not linked to the device's personal contacts.

Secure messaging

EQUIIS provides secure messaging and group chat functionality. Message securely without compromise.

Reports & analytics

The EQUIIS Secure Platform provides granular analytics and reports on usage and activity.

File transfer

From confidential documents, to sensitive image transfer, and voice recordings, send secure file attachments with confidence. 

Centralised management

New users can be provisioned virtually instantaneously, anywhere in the world.