Technology Built From The Ground Up

Our technology

We pride ourselves on quality voice conferencing allowing up to 15 participants at any one time.

Bi-directional message burn.

Each text securely transmitted using its own 256-bit AES cipher key.

Voice calls secured with multi-layered, ephemeral keys over DTLS.

End-to-end mobile voice and text encryption.

256 bit AES encryption of application data.

Multiple encryption levels for maximum security.

Encryption at the transport layer using TLS v1.2 and 2048-bit RSA.

State-grade encryption

EQUIIS for Enterprise uses multiple algorithms for maximum security. Transport Layer Security v1.2 combines with 2048-bit RSA for keys, delivering government-level security in optimal balance with computational requirements and power consumption.

Flexible deployment

Cloud Based (SaaS)

With the cloud based service the enterprise still has full control of users with its own EQUIIS Secure Management Portal. The enterprise will be able to manage their full contact administration as well as deciding how their metadata is stored.

On-Premise Installation

EQUIIS allows the enterprise to take full control of their communications by deploying our technology as an On-Premise Solution. This option is best for enterprises that must eliminate the existence of any third-party and need complete control of their metadata for regulatory compliance.