Securely Connected Global Network

Of Digital Operators Offering Communications

EQUIIS Connect

EQUIIS have developed a secure communications solution for consumers. To offer a full consumer experience, EQUIIS have launched their 'Connect' Platform. Having partnered with Digital Transmission Companies across the world to allow us to meet our objectives, EQUIIS have focussed on bringing a secure communications and monetization solution to market with consumers in mind.

A mobile phone is a prized possession for many people. The EQUIIS consumer app allows users to protect the most important aspect of your mobile - your conversations. With end-to-end encryption built in to every version of the EQUIIS consumer offering, our app ensures that users can send, speak and share securely, whilst also offering a unique rewards system within our application.

Network partners

Working closely with some of the leading Global Network Carrier Groups to offer secure communications to consumers.